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New toll system in Spain from 2023

Posted by Tania on 19/11/2021
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From 2023 there will be a new toll system in Spain: toll vignette and pay per kilometre. The Spanish government has announced plans that will apply from 2023.

These plans are not final yet, but the bottom line is that there will be a toll vignette that will apply to all high-speed roads. However, this is a transition phase because the ultimate goal will be to introduce the kilometer charge in Spain where you only pay for the kilometers traveled.

Toll vignette: With this windscreen sticker that will become mandatory for everyone, you can use the high-speed roads. This toll sticker must be purchased for a certain amount, after which you can use the roads. This will also apply to foreigners.

Example toll sticker Austria, Slovenia and Switzerland

In Spain, the toll sticker must be placed next to or below the ITV sticker on the right-hand side of the windscreen. There should be toll vignettes for days, weeks, months and years depending on what the road user needs.

The toll vignettes are checked via special cameras that are hung above the highways and that are able to read the toll vignettes and number plates very quickly. If you have not paid, you will be fined.

Toll vignette prices

What the toll vignette should cost is still unknown, but if you look at Austria, you pay 89.20 euros per year, 35 euros in Switzerland and 60 euros in the Czech Republic. According to various Spanish media, the Spanish government is considering an amount of 80 euros per year for passenger cars, 43.50 euros for motorcycles and 435 euros for trucks, vans, coaches and buses. But these amounts have not yet been officially confirmed.

Prices kilometer charge

The kilometer charge system refers to one euro cent per kilometer driven, whereby there has also been talk of 3 or 5 euro cents per kilometer driven. That would be roughly equivalent to the amounts charged in Italy where you take a ticket at the beginning and end of a section of a road and pay 0.09 euros per kilometer.

Travel costs kilometer charge

Suppose there is a kilometer charge, what will driving in Spain cost? Suppose you drive from Madrid to Barcelona, ​​then you pay a price of 6.20 euros for the 624 km, if the government ultimately opts for one euro cent per kilometer driven.


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